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2009-05-23 14:30:36 by funambuli

is there anything i should know?
anythign i shouldn't do that would ruin me forever in the eyes of the community?
cuz i'll probably do it.
so you guys should tell me.
like, right now.
so you don't hate me automatically. please.
and thank you.



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2009-05-23 14:31:06

i need help.


2009-05-23 14:32:41

Don't feed the trolls. Don't become a troll. Be respectable. The rules for the forums are in the forums. ( and unless you plan on becoming a n00b, it is newb, for new person. n00b implies you are immature and don't care about changing your ways)

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

funambuli responds:

awww, thanks.
i feel loved already.

well, i haven't been up on internet lingo since i was in 6th grade so you'll have to forgive me.